Film to Digital

- We can convert radiographic film to a digital image file (DICONDE, TIFF, JPEG, or customized format) according to the standard ISO-14096.

- Save time and money on expensive digitizing equipment by only paying for the services you need.

View DICONDE files with our customized image viewing software, even if you don't own the native program.

How it works

Receive digitization request

Customize service to your needs

Convert film to digital files

Deliver files on a "secure" USB drive

Why choose us


We are an industry leader with 17 years of experience digitizing RT film for projects large and small.


We use the latest technology to digitize film at the highest industry standard.


Get files delivered quickly by priority mail on a USB drive.

For especially large projects, we also provide customized, secure, database solutions.

Minimize maintenance costs

With our services, customers do not need to spend money on digitizer and maintain it for operation.

Customers can use our services only when they need X-ray film to digitize to reduce complex and unnecessary spending.

Equipment operations management for consistent images

If the equipment is poorly managed, the failure rate increases, resulting in poor efficiency and poor reliability of results without regular care.

We manage everything from hardware to software for digitization.

Service procedure video

Try to understand the video more easily.

Features of our service

- Our free image viewer allows customers to quickly and easily view images.

- In addition to basic image tools such as contrast change, enlargement, and shrinkage, the image viewer we provide is also provided with special features such as length, width, density measurement, and histogram, making it easier to see images.

- We provide DICONDE file formats suitable for ISO and ASME international specifications, so it can be internationally recognized for security and distribution.

ISO 14096

ASME Section V

BAM Certification

Film Digitization Center

South Korea

Goyang, Gyeonggi


Shenzhen, Guangdong



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